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Tara Mafakheri / Environmental Design BA

METU supports and helps every student to reach their dreams 


Tara Mafakheri studied Environmental Design at METU. She realized that she wants to design her surroundings and that's why she chose Environmental design. Her diploma project is called BUDAPEST DESERT and her goal is to show the world that you’re free to design whatever you want, you only have to believe in yourself and your work. 


Why did you choose this field, this major and what inspires you? 

I used to study architecture in my country (Iran), but I realized that I want more, I want to be a designer. It doesn’t matter if it’s interior design or object design, I just want to design my surroundings and that's why I chose Environmental design. 

What were your favourite projects at METU and why? 

Design 1., 2., 3. because these were our main subjects, and it makes you design something interesting each semester. 

What was your diploma work and why did you choose this topic? 

My diploma project name was BUDAPEST DESERT, it was a building in the heart of the city that I redesigned. Because of the location of the building everyone is thirsty to drink. It feels like you are in the desert, and you are looking for a mirage, that's why I designed a place where people can drink anything they want and brought the technology so that people feel free to take the drinks without any waiter or cashier. 

What did METU contribute to your professional development? 

It was perfect, METU is one of my favorite university amongst the ones that I once attended. 

What does METU’s credo “Inspired by Creativity” mean to you? 

METU supports and helps every student to reach their dreams 

What would you say to those who want to apply to a university, why choose METU? 

It's the best idea, I had a really good time at METU. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to be a designer and show the world that you’re free to design whatever you want, you only have to believe in yourself and your work. 

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